Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Clay Animals (Level 1 Class)

Hippopotamus, by Ben, age 7
Spiny Lizard, by Will, age 8

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Still Life With 3 Eggs (Level 2 Class)

Students were instructed to take note of shadows and reflective light within the shadows.
by Alanna, age 11
by Samuel, age 11

Descriptive Illustrations (Level 1 Class)

For this project, students were given paper bags from which they randomly pulled out phrases and words written on paper. They then had to illustrate their descriptions.
by Rachel, age 9
"A yellow dog blowing bubbles while spinning in circles on a windy day."
by Ray, age 7
"A brown cow wearing a hat and hopping on a rainy day."

Scratchboard Animals (Level 2 Class)

Students learned hatching and cross hatching techniques.
by Madelyne, age 12
by Alina, age 11